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Speech Competition

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Guess what guys a couple of days ago we had a speech competition held in our school. This brought a great movement and allowed students who were unheard at first to finally express their views. I had a great time listening to the opinions of my fellow high school mates. Not only have I realized the speeches are a great way to communicate and express ones opinion.

The freshmen class had three students presenting their speeches in front of the whole school. Zahra with the “health and risks of McDonalds”. This coming from a petit girl her views on Fast food restaurants. To reflect back on the speech, I believe she was the only coherent speaker from the group.  She had a great number of facts, which supported her speech, and I believed the judges made the right choice by choosing her speech as best in 9th grade.

The sophomore class was a funny class to watch. They had a kid names Tayaab about half my size stand up in front of the school and demand that homework should be banned. Now that kid has some guts standing in front of the school faculty and supporting his argument to the highest degree about banning what our school is based on the idea of homework and education. Surprisingly enough he had the opportunity to win 1st place and truly was applauded by the student body.

The junior class had an interesting bunch as well. They had a speaker named Hamza whose idea to impress the judges was to write about how cheating in our society is human nature. Only a couple of days before the speech competition we had a seminar on plagiarism and how awful it is to do so. What has come to the function and ideals of the emerging young adults we have in our society. Hamza sadly did not win the speech contest however he was praised amongst the school.

The senior class by far was the hardest to decide. They were great number of topics which all have to do with serious aspects. The effect of Pakistan, Fear, and the most important TWITTER. The speech on Twitter was on of the funniest and most influential speeches I have heard. The writers name is Murtaism and till two days I would never look at him twice but now I do. I have realized what his ideals and creative mind have to offer. His speech had a hint of a comedic tone as well as a serious influential tone. It was an all rounder to success.

To reflect back on my speech, if I had known there would a prize of money involved I would love to fix my grammar and improve the sentence flow dramatically. My speech did not have much research done to it, that’s where I lacked it. I was not able to support my idea (the lack of senior privileges my school offers) what I truly should of done was add more support for my topic so other could relate to what I believed in.

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